Al Weener - Music Guy,
Southwest Michigan
With numerous CD's under his generous belt Al has played with numerous groups over his ledgendary career in West Michigan. As a studio owner for over 25 years he knows how to lay it down and is available for session work in the Austin area where he has recently moved. Some of his clients were At&T, Motorola, Ronald McDonald House etc. and has done extensive music video and film work.

Some of his work can be heard on CDbaby where his albums
'Boy Gone Fishin' and 'Ride with Me' are now available. His long time writing partner T.F. VandenBerg is also a noted poet and author.

In his long and distended recording carrier in the recording industry The Al (if 'The Donald' is a term why not? ). 'The Al' has recorded such luminaries as Dave Cook (Delbert Mclinton Junior Wells), Brian Morris, Last Call Band, John Lyons,The Folk Lizards, Patrica Kerr, Country bands, Polka bands, and a myriad of others in West Michigan. He also recorded a Victor Herbert Score with Wright Mac Carger, has done music videos, film work and of course a massive wall of shame, projects that were so bad they should be forgotten. Currently, his Mid Coast Media Productions company is on hiatus and the building and complex in South Haven, Michigan is for sale...
Seeking fresh musical horizons, Al has returned to his home here in beautiful Southwest Michigan after spending time away in both Austin, Texas
and Sao Paolo Brazil in the past year or so. Back home and refreshed, he's now seeking out a variety of musical gigs and possibly the right "fit" in a band, Al is available for harp, keyboard and vocal duties as well as other interesting opportunities and adventures.

Contact Al by phone at: 269-308-1194 or via email at
You can also visit Al's Facebook page at:



 Contact Al by phone at: 269-308-1194 or via email at
You can also visit Al's Facebook page at:

Al's CD's "Ride With Me" and Boy Gone Fishin' are both available on CD Baby. To take a listen or order your own, click the album covers




Al plays Midcoast Bozonica harps...

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